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Hi I had this source of code

<from expression="concat(substring(xp20:current-dateTime(),1,(string-length(xp20:current-dateTime())-6)),'Z')"/>

this works fine and return a date like this:


but I need add 10 seconds to the date and I try this:

 <from expression="concat(substring(xp20:add-dayTimeDuration-to-dateTime(xp20:current-dateTime(), 'PT10S'),1,(string-length(xp20:add-dayTimeDuration-to-dateTime(xp20:current-dateTime(), 'PT10S'))-6)),'Z')"/>

and this return only:


This is for Oracle BPEL 10G

With this

<from expression="concat(substring(string(xp20:add-dayTimeDuration-to-dateTime(xp20:current-dateTime(), 'PT10S')),1,(string-length(string(xp20:add-dayTimeDuration-to-dateTime(xp20:current-dateTime(), 'PT10S')))-6)),'Z')"/>



But if I change only PT10S with PT1M works OK

<from expression="concat(substring(string(xp20:add-dayTimeDuration-to-dateTime(xp20:current-dateTime(), 'PT1M')),1,(string-length(string(xp20:add-dayTimeDuration-to-dateTime(xp20:current-dateTime(), 'PT1M')))-6)),'Z')"/>



Maybe add-dayTimeDuration-to-dateTime ignore the seconds, with PT1M10S only add 1M

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I can't test against Oracle, so I am not sure what is going on in your XPath, it basically looks correct. Based on the documentation it looks like Oracle supports format-dateTime. Then you can write the much more simpler and cleaner

xp20:format-dateTime(xp20:add-dayTimeDuration-to-dateTime(current-dateTime(), "PT10S"), "[Y0001]-[M01]-[D01]T[H01]:[m01]:[s01]Z")

to get the proper formatting you want to achieve

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I tested and the compilation says: "could not resolve xpath function "tokenize", because function "tokenize" not registered" And the same problem with dayTimeDuration... I dont know the correct namespace, but thanks :( –  Kaltresian Apr 30 at 17:01
I updated my answer and I hope it reflects what Oracle supports, based on the doc at docs.oracle.com/cd/E11036_01/integrate.1013/b28981/… –  dirkk Apr 30 at 17:58

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