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I'm trying to do a simple popup with detail of a model. In Chrome everything works great but Firefox is actually having some problems.

On this website: http://labs.thememonkeys.com/modelky/search.html

First: When I open the magnificpopup window (content being load via AJAX) and then close it the rollover stays up and just won't go down.

Second: I'm trying to make the height of the image 100%, always but the layout isn't really playing with me well. The page is built upon Bootstrap 3.

And finally third problem which isn't really that much important and I'm really only asking for suggestion at least: What plugin or what way should I use to make the images grayscaled and on hover colorized again?

Currently I'm using this plugin: https://github.com/kununu/gray

Thank you for any help, I would really appreciate it because I'm kinda lost.

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