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We have recently added offshore resources and are having trouble coming up with a successful strategy for core reviews. In the past a developer would grab another developer and walk though there changes while take notes of issues raised. The original developer would then reactor repeat. With our offshore partners we find the process laborious do to timezone, and language issues. With reviews taking longer and being more contentious.

Has any one created a really successful strategy for code reviews with offshore teams in a non agile environment.

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Yes we have offshore teams based inside the US, and despite the language difficulties, provided we're careful with the planning, and use things like shared desktops it all works. The Timezone thing is hard as their clocks are way off but we both have to be flexible.

So in a nutshell. I suppose you just have to understand that offshoring work also required effort from the host side also.

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I've not used TeamReview. It may help with your needs.

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In my experience working with non co-located teams, GitHub offers some terrific tools for providing feedback to a non co-located programmer.

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