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I need to set up a Git repo that my team can use, not only to track changes but also to have access to a working directory. I'm using egit on Eclipse.

I have successfully set up a bare git repo, but I cannot get a full remote repo to work. Can a remote repo even be a full repo instead of bare? How would I set up a full repo with working directory as a remote repo?

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Did you understand that git is a distributed system? Since you taged your question with rcs, you have to learn that this is fundamental difference.

Typically you work with a central repo. And every developer first clones this one and then pushed and pulls changes to and from this repo from his local one.

To get started have look at github. It provied all you need to host a central repo (and much more). If you need other options checkout 8 ways to share your git repository as a starting point for other repo hosting options.

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