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Is there any way in clojure to check the equality of strings? i.e. I need to know, whether their contents is equal, not location.


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Equality in Clojure (the = function) always tests value, not identity, so two strings are = if they have the same contents.

If you want to test identity, use the identical? function.

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I need to compare a security token, so I need a function that check if the content is exactly the same and don't accept wildcards or regex expressions. Do you know if the = function of clojure satisfies my need or I need a more specific function? – jonathanrz Jun 22 at 14:05
(= "hello" (str "hel" "lo"))
; => true 

The JVM has a string pool that holds at most one entry per value, so identity and value equality are the same comparison. There are ways using StringBuilder. and String. where this is not strictly true, but because the clojure equality function calls .equals, a value comparison will be performed if the identities are different.

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(identical? "hello" (str "hel" "lo")) is false. Java's pool of interned strings is only for strings which are constants. So (identical? "hello" "hello") is true, but as soon as you compute some string it won't be pointer-equal to any others. You can force lookup/storage in the pool with (identical? "hello" (.intern (str "hel" "lo"))) (true) – amalloy May 27 '11 at 2:43

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