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I've been working on CoreMotion Framework from some times now. I want to get the angle corresponding to Magnetic North, when user having iOS device, moves in some other direction, for example I have iOS device and I've currently facing North(say, Position A) and than I turn and started facing East (Position B). Now I want the angle created in facing Position B corresponding to Magnetic North of the device.

This is how I'm trying now (found somewhere while googling)

[_motionManager startMagnetometerUpdatesToQueue:[NSOperationQueue currentQueue] withHandler:^(CMMagnetometerData *magnetometerData, NSError *error)
             double heading = 0.0;
             double x = magnetometerData.magneticField.x;
             double y = magnetometerData.magneticField.y;
             //double z = motion.magneticField.field.z;

             if (y > 0) heading = 90.0 - atan(x/y)*180.0/M_PI;
             if (y < 0) heading = 270.0 - atan(x/y)*180.0/M_PI;
             if (y == 0 && x < 0) heading = 180.0;
             if (y == 0 && x > 0) heading = 0.0;

             NSLog(@"Heading Angle = %f",heading);


thanks in advance.

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What's wrong with the code you found? Seems to be a math issue. – Larme Apr 30 '14 at 5:56
@Larme any idea to eliminate this error? – Suryakant Sharma Apr 30 '14 at 6:20

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