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I am trying to create an R package. I get the following error:

Error in is.call(string) : 'string' is missing

Even when I just try to Google this error, I get no exact results for it.

I am not sure what to even attach here for code. I have a very long function.R file, and a long .Rmd vignette file. Although I only got this error after adding this function in the .Rmd file:

#' @param varieties subset of varieties used to generate the heat map
#' @param mygraph mygraph
#' @export
getOutputDF = function(varieties, mygraph){
  var1 = c()
  var2 = c()
  snpR = c()
  #stepD = c()
  for (i in 1:length(varieties)){
    for (j in 1:length(varieties)){
      if (i != j){
        if ((varieties[i]%in%kMatrix$variety1 | varieties[i]%in%kMatrix$variety2) & (varieties[j]%in%kMatrix$variety1 | varieties[j]%in%kMatrix$variety2)){
          k = kMatrix[which(kMatrix$variety1 == varieties[i] & kMatrix$variety2 == varieties[j]),]$value
          var1=c(var1, varieties[i])
          var2=c(var2, varieties[j])
          snpR=c(snpR, k)
          #stepD=c(stepD, getDegree(varieties[i],varieties[j],mygraph)) 
  #outputDF = as.data.frame(cbind(var1, var2, snpR))
  outputDF = as.data.frame(cbind(var1, var2, snpR))

where the explicit parameters varieties is a string, and mygraph is an igraph object.

In the .Rmd file, I call this function with:

outputDF = getOutputDF(varieties, mygraph)

And I believe this is where the error occurs (Because it did not occur until I added the function and its call).

As a side note, I do have this function working in a normal .R script (not developed for an R package as in here), so this error is stumping me.

Any advice greatly appreciated...

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