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Using nntool(Neural Network Manager) in Matlab, we have created a neural network named network1, the network type is Feed Forward backprop. Training function is TRAINLM, learning function is LEARNGDM, performance function is MSE. No. of layers are 2 and transfer function is TRANSIG. No. of Inputs is 2.

We have trained it using known datasets.

Now, we want to use this trained Neural Network on real time values(dynamically one by one) to get the output.

We are unable to use the network on real time values. So, please guide us through the steps to use trained neural network on real time values.

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Have you tried just calling the net function on your inputs? Also have you read through this: mathworks.com/help/nnet/gs/…? –  Dan Apr 30 '14 at 6:39

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if you created a ann via

network1 = feedforwardnet;

or something of that kind and then trained it with your known data, you should be able to use said net via

outputs = network1(inputs);
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