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I'm taking Michael Genesereth's General Game Playing (GGP) Coursera course. In GGP a player is allowed a fixed amount of time to make a move. I'm writing my players in Scala. (The underlying GGP codebase is Java.) Does Scala provide any support (or are there any Scala libraries) that can be used to help ensure that a computation will respond in a given time.

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You can use Futures and get the result with Await.result(future, duration) or one of approaches in Scala Futures - built in timeout?.

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Thanks. I'll look into those. – RussAbbott May 1 '14 at 6:08
I now see that another option is to use Actors and their context.setReceiveTimeout method. – RussAbbott May 1 '14 at 6:17

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