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i have created a table with blob datatype. now the table is created. but i don't know how to insert values into the table and viewing the table content using SQLPLUS . please help me. i don't know pl/sql

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It depends on what kind of data you want put into a BLOB. Let's consider the table:

create table b1(id number , b blob);

If your data represented as hex-string you should use TO_BLOB function

insert into b1 values(1,to_blob('FF3311121212EE3a'));

SQLPLUS also shows BLOBs as hex-string

select * from b1;

----- -----------------------------------
   ID                                   B
----- -----------------------------------
    1 FF3311121212EE3A

Please refer Oracle documentation on Using LOBs

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thanx Naeel for the reply. i am trying to store pdf file on my database. And i want to fetch the pdf file from the database to my jsp page. plz help me. its urgent!!! – user240677 Apr 30 '14 at 14:59
Look at this If file is stored on a server in the folder described with CREATE DIRECTORY then it is possible to use DBMS_LOB package to read the file and put it into a table. Regarding to JSP there are two ways, I think. 1) just extract to the folder accessable for the web-server, and give URL to the client. 2) load file and return it directly as http-response. See examlpe – Naeel Maqsudov May 1 '14 at 6:14

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