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I have RoR application and it takes long time to start for first time. About 5-10 min. Link to my app - HERE

But when it starts it works quite good. Some off my server adminstrators sugested that I have to use cron to curl the front page every 30 minutes or so.

That could be the solution ? Or how can I determinate the reason off all this ?


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5-10min is not a normal amount of time for a server spinup. How is this being hosted, how big is the app, what do your logs say? –  sevenseacat Apr 30 at 6:29

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If you're using Phusion Passenger application server, you might want to use PassengerPreStart directive.

From documentation:

By default, Phusion Passenger does not start any application processes until said web application is first accessed. The result is that the first visitor of said web application might experience a small delay as Phusion Passenger is starting the web application on demand. If that is undesirable, then this directive can be used to pre-started application processes during Apache startup.

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