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How do I highlight text on pdf and save that text in database table in php. and also remove download and save pdf options. and count total pages i want to save only selected content on pdf


window.onload = function () {
var pdfBase64 = "code";

var scale = 1.5; //Set this to whatever you want. This is basically the "zoom" factor for the PDF.

 * Converts a base64 string into a Uint8Array
function base64ToUint8Array(base64) {
    var raw = atob(base64); //This is a native function that decodes a base64-encoded string.
    var uint8Array = new Uint8Array(new ArrayBuffer(raw.length));
    for (var i = 0; i < raw.length; i++) {
        uint8Array[i] = raw.charCodeAt(i);

    return uint8Array;

function loadPdf(pdfData) {
    PDFJS.disableWorker = true; //Not using web workers. Not disabling results in an error. This line is
    //missing in the example code for rendering a pdf.

    var pdf = PDFJS.getDocument(pdfData);

function renderPdf(pdf) {

function renderPage(page) {
    var viewport = page.getViewport(scale);
    var $canvas = jQuery("<canvas></canvas>");

    //Set the canvas height and width to the height and width of the viewport
    var canvas = $canvas.get(0);
    var context = canvas.getContext("2d");
    canvas.height = viewport.height;
    canvas.width = viewport.width;

    //Append the canvas to the pdf container div
    var $pdfContainer = jQuery("#pdfContainer");
    $pdfContainer.css("height", canvas.height + "px").css("width", canvas.width + "px");

    //The following few lines of code set up scaling on the context if we are on a HiDPI display
    var outputScale = getOutputScale();
    if (outputScale.scaled) {
        var cssScale = 'scale(' + (1 / outputScale.sx) + ', ' +
            (1 / outputScale.sy) + ')';
        CustomStyle.setProp('transform', canvas, cssScale);
        CustomStyle.setProp('transformOrigin', canvas, '0% 0%');

        if ($textLayerDiv.get(0)) {
            CustomStyle.setProp('transform', $textLayerDiv.get(0), cssScale);
            CustomStyle.setProp('transformOrigin', $textLayerDiv.get(0), '0% 0%');

    context._scaleX = outputScale.sx;
    context._scaleY = outputScale.sy;
    if (outputScale.scaled) {
        context.scale(outputScale.sx, outputScale.sy);

    var canvasOffset = $canvas.offset();
    var $textLayerDiv = jQuery("<div />")
        .css("height", viewport.height + "px")
        .css("width", viewport.width + "px")
            top: canvasOffset.top,
            left: canvasOffset.left


    page.getTextContent().then(function (textContent) {
        var textLayer = new TextLayerBuilder($textLayerDiv.get(0), 0); //The second zero is an index identifying
        //the page. It is set to page.number - 1.

        var renderContext = {
            canvasContext: context,
            viewport: viewport,
            textLayer: textLayer


var pdfData = base64ToUint8Array(pdfBase64);
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Can you specify what part of the code does not work as you intended? –  Rick Hoving Apr 30 at 7:24

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