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I am porting my android app to windows platform using cocos 2.0.4, as i build I got

error: C2143: syntax error : missing ')' before '{'

but it also shows type name not allowed for: ccColor3B in particular line

m_sprStar->setColor( (ccColor3B)    {m_iColRed,m_iColGreen,m_iColBlue});

void HorseRunObstacle::animateCollectables()
   // if(m_iObstacleId!=OBSTACLE_COIN)
        m_sprStar = CCSprite::create("HorseRun_Resource/Images/starparticle.png");

m_sprStar->setColor( (ccColor3B)    {m_iColRed,m_iColGreen,m_iColBlue});


        CCActionInterval* scaleUp = CCScaleTo::create(0.2f, 3.14f);
        CCActionInterval* scaleDn = CCScaleTo::create(0.2f, 2.0f);
        CCFiniteTimeAction* seq = CCSequence::create(scaleUp,scaleDn,NULL);


I have tried giving using namespace cocos2d; and also cocos2d:: but of no use ..,Please help.

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You can't create structures "on the fly" like that. Instead create a temporary object like


Note: Passing temporary objects like this works only for functions that take its argument by value or by constant reference.

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