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When I change the window whith the mouse in my application, usually crashes, but only when I use OSX, in windows it works correctly, and when I use the keyboard it works good too. To change I use:

public void changeWindow(String window, String title) {
    Scene oldScene = menuBar.getScene();
    Stage stage = (Stage) oldScene.getWindow();
    Parent root;
    try {
        root = FXMLLoader.load(getClass().getResource(window + ".fxml"));
        Scene scene;
            scene = new Scene(root, oldScene.getWidth(), oldScene.getHeight());

        stage.setTitle(title + " - Company Name S.L.");
    } catch (IOException e) {

Can anyone help me? -Thank you

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What is the exception thrown when you use OS X? –  CAG Gonzo Apr 30 at 15:11
This is the error. docs.google.com/document/d/… –  user3292323 May 5 at 7:48
That is quite the error. The problem appears to be with the code that interfaces java with OS X. Unfortunately, I do not know what could be causing it. The only advice I have right now is to tweak your code slightly to see if the error persists. Try hard coding a new window to appear. –  CAG Gonzo May 5 at 14:53
I've seen that it only crashes when I select an item from MenuItem, if I press a button it works correctly –  user3292323 May 12 at 9:04
It's hard to say why this is. Have you seen any other users experiencing similar issues? That might indicate it is a big rather than an error in your program's logic. –  CAG Gonzo May 12 at 9:06

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