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Heres a question for Jackson 2.3 I don't have the possibility to change to other frameworks.

I want to serialize objects to json using Jackson 2.3. Some of the Objects are from a third party library implementing a particular (external) interface. What I want to achieve is to prevent certain fields in those objects to be serialized. I do not have access to modifying this class so @JsonIgnore wont cut it. Heres an example

    public interface ThirdParty{
      public char[] getPassword();
      public String getUser();
      public Department getDepartment();

I'm new to Jackson, but have a feeling that it should be fairly simple to do something like this

    ObjectMapper mapper=new ObjectMapper();

    SimpleModule testModule = new SimpleModule("DemoModule",VersionUtil.versionFor(this.getClass()));
    testModule.addSerializer(ThirdParty.class, new Some_Serializer_That_Can_Ignore_Password()));

(I don't think there is something called a Some_Serializer_That_Can_Ignore_Password, what I want is something that does NOT serialize the field) I would prefer not to write a lot of code to make it work, I've seen quite verbose examples for older versions of Jackson, but none for Jackson 2.3.


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Not really an answer for the original question, but I found a way that worked for excluding particular types, this code ensures that any StackTraceElements are not serialized.

    SimpleModule testModule = new SimpleModule("DemoModule", VersionUtil.versionFor(this.getClass()));
    testModule.addSerializer(StackTraceElement.class,new JsonSerializer<StackTraceElement>() {
        public void serialize(StackTraceElement value, JsonGenerator jgen, SerializerProvider provider){/*Do not serialize*/}
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It can still be sort of a winner, through that logic you can at least make the serialization of the third-party objects tailor made; in stead of excluding what you don't want you can include what you do want. But that would be a last resort as it is terrible micromanagement and thus a huge bother to maintain. –  Gimby Apr 30 '14 at 9:00

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