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Apologies for all this code, anyhow Im re-working a query into the Zend query way of working, this is what I have so far:

$db = Zend_Registry::get ( "db" );      
    $stmt = $db->query('
    SELECT recipe_pictures.picture_id, recipe_pictures.picture_filename, course.course_name, cuisines.name, recipes.id, recipes.Title, recipes.Method, recipes.author, recipes.SmallDesc, recipes.user_id, recipes.cuisine, recipes.course, recipes.Created_at, recipes.vegetarian, recipes.Acknowledgements, recipes.Time, recipes.Amount, recipes.view_count, recipes.recent_ips, guardian_writers.G_item, guardian_writers.G_type
    FROM recipes
    LEFT JOIN course ON recipes.course = course.course_id
    LEFT JOIN recipe_pictures ON recipes.id = recipe_pictures.recipe_id
    LEFT JOIN cuisines ON recipes.cuisine = cuisines.id
    LEFT JOIN guardian_writers ON recipes.author = guardian_writers.G_author
    WHERE recipes.id = ?', $id);
    $recipes = $stmt->fetchAll();

    return $recipes;

That one above works, trying to get the Zend version properly, my effort is below.

    $db = Zend_Registry::get ( "db" );      
    $select = $db->select()
                 ->from(array('r' => 'recipes'))
                 ->join(array('c' => 'course'),
                        'r.course = c.course_id')
                 ->join(array('rp' => 'recipe_pictures'),
                        'r.id = rp.recipe_id')
                 ->join(array('cui' => 'cuisines'),
                        'r.cuisine = cui.id')
                 ->join(array('gw' => 'guardian_writers'),
                        'r.author = gw.G_author')
                 ->where(' id = ? ', $id);

    $recipes = $db->fetchRow($select);

    return $recipes;

If anyone can spot an error Id be very grateful, thanks

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Any errors? Or just no results? –  thetaiko Feb 25 '10 at 23:27
clever me has mucked up the error controller/or script/ or something, now just a helpful 'an error occured' with no other message! –  bluedaniel Feb 25 '10 at 23:53

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Use joinLeft instead of join to produce left joins.

To fetch specific columns from a table, rather than all (*) use this:

->from(array('r' => 'recipes'), array('id', 'title', 'method'))


->joinLeft(array('rp' => 'recipe_pictures'),
                    'r.id = rp.recipe_id',
                    array('picture_id', 'picture_filename')

To fetch no columns from a table, pass an empty array as the third parameter.

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The join method provides an sql INNER JOIN. If you want to get a LEFT JOIN you should use joinLeft.

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