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I am a developer by profession, trying to up my existing web server for emailing/smtp using hMailServer. Let me explain the steps I followed.

  1. I have a domain (abc.com) hosted on server with public ip address I'm hosting my 5-6 domains without any issue. I'm using this ip address on domain control panel to add A records and it works.

  2. Now I want to have email ids (admin@abc.com, support@abc.com) to send and receive emails. I would like to use same server ( for this. And I have no idea how to do this, just following steps suggested here http://computingondemand.com/setting-up-windows-home-server-as-a-free-mail-server/

  3. I installed hMailServer on the server and configured ms sql server database correctly.

  4. I added the domain abc.com and a email account admin@abc.com

  5. In the settings > protocols tree > selected smtp and added following in 'Delivery of email' tab:-

    Localhost name: computer name (also tried internal ip address, Remote host name: abc.com (also tried

  6. For the test purpose, I added forwarding email id with account admin@abc.com. I tried to send email to admin@abc.com from gmail, yahoo, live but none of emails I received.

Please suggest any way to fix this.

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To get mails delivered to your server from the internet (e.g. from gmail) you need to set up MX DNS record for abc.com –  Jk1 Apr 30 at 8:55
MX is already setup on domain control panel. –  Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa Apr 30 at 8:58

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