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I'm creating a YARN program who uses HBase. The YARN client and AppMaster are running fine, client copy the AppMaster and my app to the HDFS, AppMaster copy as localresource the app to the cache and launch it. That is working with my "hello world" code.

When I setup the good program inside my app, it uses HBase. My program needs the hbase-site.xml to locate the zookeeper so I pass it as a variable and it is copied to the HDFS and to the local cache, all is Ok up to here.

If I launch the program from local it runs fine. If I launch in YARN container it fails because is unable to find the hbase-site.xml.

I checked that in the container appcache dir I have links:

AppMaster.jar -> <appcache_dir>/<app_ID>/filecache/10/AppMaster.jar
Run.jar -> <appcache_dir>/<app_ID>/filecache/11/Run.jar
hbase-site.xml -> <appcache_dir>/<app_ID>/filecache/12/hbase-site.xml

Every file is a link to the filecache on the servers as local resources, as expected. The ./launch_container.sh have all the envs exports the links and the correct java command to launch but it fails.

I added to the environment the HBASE_CONF_DIR but still not works.

Curiously if I move "<appcache_dir>/<app_ID>/filecache/12/hbase-site.xml" to "<appcache_dir>/<app_ID>/filecache/11/"(the dir where my run.jar is) it works with the ./launch_container.sh without any modification on it from the container local directory.

Could someone help me to put both files in the same dir programatically?

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Thx Illidanek, English is not my mother tongue. –  oteCortes Apr 30 at 9:48

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