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I need to integrate a google calendar to my ASP website booking system. I've tried to write events to the calendar from my application using the javascript API, but it's failing when the client is not logged in to Gmail - obviously a problem if my customers aren't logged in my Gmail account. Therefore I assume it's not possible to authorize this using client side scripting?

Ideally I need an ASP API. Google don't supply this. Has anyone got any ideas where I can find some demonstration code, or any suggestions on how I might get round this problem?



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They do have a .NET and PHP api. You could write what you need in a .aspx or .php file and return the results in an xml (or whatever format you want to parse) format. Then do an xmlhttp request from your classic asp page to the .aspx or php page. Then you just parse the data and voila!

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Here is a PHP page I wrote a little while back to use the Zend framework to get Google calendar data. Maybe it will help you. – Davin Studer May 24 '10 at 23:43

They DO have a REST API, you can use this from Classic ASP and almost any other server side language by issuing HTTP requests.

In Classic ASP this is done with the use of a COM object such as MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP. What you really need to learn is how the Google REST API for gmail/apps works.

Also, ClientLogin is the authentication mechanism you would want to use.

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