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Is there any way to set an event listener on when animation is finished on Highcharts redraw? From what I see, a redraw event fires immediately on change, without waiting for animation. Or maybe there's some other way to wait for when the chart has become still?

Besides, is it possible to add an event listener to the chart that's already rendered (e.g. via addEventListener, not by JSON configuration)?

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But in general what is your goal, for which purpose you need to have "funished animation" event? –  Sebastian Bochan Apr 30 at 10:12
On high level, I am writing Selenium automation for a product where Highcharts are used, and I cannot think of many ways to wait until the chart has rendered and become still. Because of variety of charts that's not very feasible to poll for some DOM change, however if there's no way to hook up an event listener, I'll have to go that way. –  Actine Apr 30 at 10:21

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You can catch animation event and set complete function.

plotOptions: {
        series: {
            animation: {
                complete: function () {


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Thank you. Is there any way to add this event listener dynamically after chart is already rendered? something like $('#container').on("plotOptions.series.animation.complete", function(){...}); –  Actine Apr 30 at 11:40
You can try to use series.update({animation:{//code}}) api.highcharts.com/highcharts#Series.update –  Sebastian Bochan Apr 30 at 11:58
Okay, thank you very much for quick responses. Will try that –  Actine Apr 30 at 14:49

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