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I am trying to use backup-cookbook, and it's my first time trying to use the resource.

However when I try to call the resource "backup_model" it complains "Cannot find a resource for backup_model". So I know I must have put it in the wrong place.

I use librarian-chef. I am using chef-solo on a local Vagrant server.


backup_model :ct_backup do


name "backup"
description "Backup role."



When I try to run knife solo cook I got the following errors:

Cannot find a resource for backup_model on ubuntu version 12.04

Cookbook Trace:
  /home/chefy/chef-solo/cookbooks-2/ct/recipes/default.rb:33:in `from_file'
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Does cp have depends 'backup' in the metadata.rb? –  sethvargo Apr 30 at 20:46
@sethvargo I have put depends 'backup-cookbook' in. If I put 'backup' it will complain. –  lulalala May 2 at 9:06

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I made the stupid mistake that in the Cheffile I used

cookbook 'backup-cookbook', git: 'git@github.com:gofullstack/backup-cookbook.git'

But the correct name should be:

cookbook 'backup',  git: 'git@github.com:gofullstack/backup-cookbook.git'
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