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It is some what identical to what we do in hashing , and after adding elements inn the hash table i am simply searching for each element in in decreasing order and removing the element if it is found after printing it , i used it in solving Following very easy problem on codechef here is the basic algo that i had used , but i want to know what is it called ?

func(int nos){
     int arr[1000000] = {0};
     while( nos-- ) {
        int k;
     for( i=0 ; i<1000000; ) {
        if( arr[i]==0 )

Thanks !

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I think this is somthing like radixsort or Distributionsort en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radix_sort –  AbcAeffchen Apr 30 at 11:02

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This is known as counting sort.

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@gotqn the question is what is the name of the algorithm and I provide a complete answer to that –  Ivaylo Strandjev Apr 30 at 11:28
my fault - sorry about this. –  gotqn Apr 30 at 11:33

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