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Have no problem at drawing multi line text on canvas

Thing is when I try it to draw at the bottom of the view ...the multi line text goes out of the the canvas ...bottom line is tht i hav problem with "Y position "

private void DrawTextOnBottm() {

    float positionX = 10;

    float positionY = mBitmapCopy.getHeight()
            - (mPriviewText.getLineHeight() );

    String user_text = mPriviewText.getText().toString();

    createImage(positionX, positionY, user_text);


public Bitmap createImage(float scr_x, float scr_y, String user_text) {

    if (mCanvasText == null) {

        // canvas object with bitmap image as constructor
        mCanvasText = new Canvas(mBitmapCopy);
    } else {


    StaticLayout sl = new StaticLayout("" + user_text, mPaint,
            mCanvasText.getWidth(), Alignment.ALIGN_NORMAL, 1, 0, false);


    mCanvasText.translate(scr_x, scr_y);



    return mBitmapCopy;
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