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I trying to redirect output to same text file. But I'm not able to do. please help me


foreach my $config (sort keys %{$details}) {
  if (exists $details->{$config}) {
    foreach my $project (sort keys %{ $details->{$config} }) {
      system( "$path/perl ./bin/export_from_ddts.pl 2> \"\'>>\' ./logs/system_error.txt\"" );
      system( "$path/perl ./bin/convert_to_csv.pl  2> \"\'>>\' ./logs/system_error.txt\"" );
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system(qq($path/perl ./bin/export_from_ddts.pl 2>>./logs/system_error.txt));
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You should print the string you are passing to system. As it stands you are using

/path/to/perl ./bin/export_from_ddts.pl 2> "'>>' ./logs/system_error.txt"

which is clearly nonsense.

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No I tried. It is creating new file each time :-( –  user123 Apr 30 at 12:25

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