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I have been using highcharts for draw the series .For mark, I had used addPlot line and handler .Handler is fixed by css.But whaen Zoom in then I could not get exact pixel value after zoom in for updating handler postion.

here is my code

selection: function(event) {

    RP.chart.xAxis[0].setExtremes(Math.floor(event.xAxis[0].min), Math.ceil(event.xAxis[0].max), false)

    //remove old line 

    // Add new plot line

    value: RP.$valueInput.val(),
    color: brandkit.monochromePalette.gray,
    width: 2,
    id: 'plot-line'
    RP.line = RP.chart.yAxis[0].plotLinesAndBands[0].svgElem.translate(0,0);
    var top_position =event.yAxis[0].max; //  top position after zoom in  
    // RP.updateValue(RP.$valueInput.val(), true,'zoom');

How can I get top position value after zoom in ?Before zoom in ,current value of y axis is converted to pixel but after zoom in value remains same and in this case converting the current value gives same pixel as before zoom in . So how can I calculate the top position value? Thanks in advance.

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Could you provide simple jsFiddle demo which we can work with? Thanks. –  PaweĊ‚ Fus Apr 30 at 12:19

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