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I have a long list (about 4000 items) whose content is suppressed when I try to display it in an ipython notebook output cell. Maybe two-thirds is shown, but the end has a "...]", rather than all the contents of the list. How do I get ipython notebook to display the whole list instead of a cutoff version?

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A quick hack if you're using pandas is to do

from pandas import DataFrame
from IPython.display import HTML
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I'm not using pandas, but thanks for the answer. –  user3006135 Apr 30 at 14:17

This should work:

print str(mylist)


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Thanks. I guess I will use print statements. I was hoping there was a setting in ipython notebook that makes it print the complete contents of the variable when I type its name. –  user3006135 May 8 at 6:53
sorry, to be clear, you don't need the print statement if you didn't need it before, it's the conversion to str() that's important –  Noah May 8 at 16:10
also, there appears to be a max_seq_length option in the ipython source but I couldn't find a user-configurable way to edit it; you could try posting a request to the ipython issue tracker –  Noah May 8 at 16:15
Thanks for the clarification, and information on the max_seq_length option. –  user3006135 May 10 at 8:01

Here's a way to display the whole list in the IPython output cell that doesn't require Pandas:

from IPython.display import HTML
x = range(4000)
HTML('<br />'.join(str(y) for y in x))

It is also pretty easy to add additional HTML elements and get a more elaborate display. Clicking to the left of the output cell will now shrink the contents and add a local scroll bar.

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Thanks for the option. –  user3006135 May 10 at 7:56

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