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I have a module which is giving me the error "Can't locate object method "isSubset" via package "a" (perhaps you forgot to load "a"?) at /path/to/set.pm line 121.


package set; #we will create set objects, instead of treating arrays as sets

sub new{
    my $packagename = shift;
    my @elements = @_;
    bless { 'elements' => \@elements } => $packagename;

sub contains{
    my $set = shift;
    my ($element) = @_;
    foreach ($set->elements){ if( $_ eq $element ){ return 1 } }
    return 0
sub isElement{
    my ($element,$set) = @_;
    return $set->contains($element)

sub isSubset{
    my $setA = shift;
    my $setB = shift;
    foreach ($setA->elements){ unless( isElement($_,$setB) ){ return 0 } }
    return 1
*subset = *isContainedIn = *isContained = \&isSubset;
sub isSuperset{
    my $setA = shift;
    my $setB = shift;
    return $setB->isSubset($setA) # this is line 121
*superset = *isContaining = *contains = \&isSuperset; # when i get rid of THIS line, it works fine.

When I comment out the last line, it works fine. Can you enlighten me on what is causing the failure? Am I using glob incorrectly?


my $a = set->new('a'..'g');
my $b = set->new('b'..'f');
print $a->isSubset($b);
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It's already there. –  mareoraft Apr 30 at 13:05
The variable $setB has the value "a". Your sample code doesn't show how you call the sub, so we can't help you further. –  choroba Apr 30 at 13:12
The variable $setB does not have the value "a", and the CALLING PROGRAM shows exactly how I call the sub. Please be more explanatory if you are sure you are correct. –  mareoraft Apr 30 at 13:21
@choroba $a, which becomes $setA, has the value 'a' –  mareoraft Apr 30 at 13:25
OK, now you call 'a'->isSubset(). As 'a' is not an object, it's interpreted as a class name. Hence the error. –  choroba Apr 30 at 13:28

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Turn on warnings. Perl will tell you:

Subroutine set::contains redefined at ./1.pl line 44.

You use contains for testing both an element and a set.

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