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I retrieve a URL with the following code:

{ok, RequestId}=httpc:request(get,{Url,[{"User-Agent", "Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; U; ru) Presto/2.8.131 Version/11.10"}]}, [],[{sync, false}]),
  M = receive
        {http, {RequestId, {_HttpOk, _ResponseHeaders, _Body}}} -> ok 
      after 20000 ->
 io:format("httprequest to ~p: ~p~n",[UrlHTTP,M]).

Sometimes I see the following error output:

httprequest to "http://www.afbudsrejser.dk": ok
=ERROR REPORT==== 30-Apr-2014::16:53:49 ===
Received unexpected tcp data on #Port<0.4432>
   Data:       <<"\" type=\"text/javascript\"></script>\r\n\t</body>\r\n</html>\r\n\n">>
   MFA:        undefined
   Request:    undefined
   Session:    {session,{{"www.afbudsrejser.dk",80},<0.4392.0>},
   Status:     pipeline
   StatusLine: undefined
   Profile:    httpc_manager

Erlang error received unexpected tcp data on #Port

What is the cause of this error message?

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In the cases where you see this message, what is the value of M? –  evnu Apr 30 at 13:37
Please edit your question and add this (it's hard to read as a comment). Is the content of Body the one you would expect? Or is there data missing? Also, you might want to check the request with wireshark. –  evnu Apr 30 at 15:28
i add error to question –  user3572870 Apr 30 at 17:35
data not missing, but i have this error, how to remove it? –  user3572870 Apr 30 at 18:43
is it possible that you run multiple httpc requests at the same time? From the output it looks like some remains of other requests. I'm also experiencing the problem like that but could not create reproducible scenario yet (but see such errors in production) –  Qrilka May 13 at 8:59

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