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I've been wondering how to program a linux os based on another? We know that Mint is based on Ubuntu, how did they achieve it? did they use specific tools or editied the source files?

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In simple terms, they copied Ubuntu and then changed it.

A Linux distribution is a choice of Linux kernel version and a bunch of programs, each of which is a project of its own. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu in the sense that it majorly has the same programs (for example the package manager, many of the GNU tools etc), but some choices are different. For example Ubuntu may have decided to add a program related to Amazon but Mint decided not to include it.

More often than not, at least in the beginning, basing a distribution on another one is merely an issue of default package choices. In the end, with enough package installations and removals, one can be converted to the other!

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Thanks, but I've been asking: did they download the source code for example and change or they used tools –  user3379482 Apr 30 at 14:13
Probably both. And Mint is derived from Ubuntu which is derived from Debian. –  Basile Starynkevitch Apr 30 at 14:19
Know that, still want a reference to know how to build it based on a distro –  user3379482 Apr 30 at 14:22

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