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I'm learning iOS programming by developing a simple app which is able to capture a photo and send it to the back-end system (Java+Tomcat) for editing (by using some image processing functions). And the edited photo will be sent back to the phone, together with some EXIF information (e.g. camera parameters, shooting time, etc.) to be displayed in a table view. Note that I do not need a front-end to show the edited photo or anything else.

Meanwhile, I'm also studying the appropriate design pattern for the back-end development for my app. I've search for quite a while on the Internet, but there are a massive number of design patterns which make me unsure about which ones to follow.. Hope I can find some help here. My current design pattern for the back-end development is as follows:

  • model: Contains all model files (Java classes)
  • controller: Contains classes which interact with HTTP requests, e.g. receive/send photos
  • service: Contains classes for image editing
  • dao: Contains Data Access Object (DAO) classes to interact with database, e.g. log textual results into database

I've got several questions:

  1. Is the above design pattern appropriate?
  2. I feel service is a very general word. In case I would develop other services (e.g. some object recognition algorithms) which do not relate to image editing at all, putting those services in the same service doesn't make much sense. So, is there a better way to manage different services?
  3. Please share some good links about design patterns for phone apps, which are suitable for newbies like me.

Thanks very much in advance.

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