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I want to create a route template for Owin WebApi like this:

            "API Default", "{myparam}/{controller}/{action}",
            new { id = RouteParameter.Optional });

Because I have controllers defined that need a parameter before the controller selection.

I have tried to remove the parameter and set it into RoutePrefixAttribute on controller but it doesn't work.

{controller} must be the first dynamic parameter of the route?

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I would use some form of attribute based routing to go to different controllers based on {myparam}.

First controller:

[Route("param1/customer/{id}")] public IEnumerable<Order> GetOrdersByCustomer(int id) { ... }

Second controller:

[Route("param2/customer/{id}")] public IEnumerable<Order> GetOrdersByCustomer(int id) { ... }

More information can be found here: Attribute Based WebAPI Routing

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Sorry but {myparam} is not known at compile time, it's dynamic (like a category name, but it's not like this). –  Mauro Destro May 3 at 6:08
I would take a look here then, routing with optional first parameter –  Trisk May 5 at 17:26

Delete RoutePrefix attribute and set the first parameter dynamic in your action Route attribute like the example below:

[HttpGet, Route("{myparam}/books/{bookId:int:min(1)}")]
public HttpResponseMessage Get(string myparam, int bookId)
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