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I am trying to create a patch file, for the modifications I have done in linux kernel. The original directory is /usr/src/linux.vanilla and the new kernel is /usr/src/linux-master. The command I used is

h@ubuntu:/usr/src$ sudo diff -rupN  linux-master/ linux.vanilla/ > original.patch 

However I get an error stating

bash: original.patch: Permission denied

Can anyone point out where I am going wrong. I am using Ubuntu and linux kernel version 3.15.0.


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The command you typed into the terminal is this:

sudo diff -rupN  linux-master/ linux.vanilla/ > original.patch 

This will run as root:

diff -rupN  linux-master/ linux.vanilla/

And then as your normal user account, it will write the output into


However, you don't have write permissions to original.patch.

Fix 1

Do the work under a root shell.

sudo su
diff -rupN  linux-master/ linux.vanilla/ > original.patch 

Fix 2

Use tee to redirect to a file.

sudo diff -rupN  linux-master/ linux.vanilla/ | sudo tee original.patch 

Fix 3

Write the file to your home directory (or some other location that you have write permissions).

sudo diff -rupN  linux-master/ linux.vanilla/ > ~/original.patch 
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Fix 3: Write your output elsewhere? –  Hasturkun Apr 30 at 14:58

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