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I would like some help with running phpunit tests using selenium2 on multiple browsers. I have the following phpunit test which runs ok against the Firefox browser. How do I run it against others like Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari?

I have added the testcase below if you can help. Any links to help sites would be appreciated.

class exampleTestcase2 extends PHPUnit_Extensions_Selenium2TestCase {
    public function setUp()
        $this->setHost('localhost'); // Set the hostname for the connection to the Selenium server.
        $this->setPort(4444); // set port # for connection to selenium server
        $this->setBrowser('firefox'); // set the browser to be usedRequest State Change
        $this->setBrowserUrl('');  // set base URL for tests

    public function testCMS() // Test the title on index page
        $this->currentWindow()->maximize(); // open window in full screen
        $this->url('index.php'); // Set the URL to access the login page            
        $this->assertEquals('PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor', $this->title());
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If you use the phpunit command, you can set a environment variable before executing it, and read the value from the test script.

On Mac OS X or Linux, type at the console:

export SELENIUM_BROWSER=chrome

In Windows:


And in the script:

$browser = getenv('SELENIUM_BROWSER') ? getenv('SELENIUM_BROWSER') : 'firefox';
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