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I am using Squirrel client. I have tried to export data of a table containing 800000 records into a CSV file with below command:

export to "D:/File/path" of del modified by nochardel select * from [table_name].

However this query is not working as expected.Any other workaround. thank you in advance.

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You said what it isn't doing. What is it doing? –  Dan Bracuk Apr 30 at 15:49
What do you expect? please be more specific. Give some clues about the table, and the output file. –  AngocA Apr 30 at 20:21
EXPORT is not an SQL statement and as such cannot be issued using an SQL interface. See if this helps: stackoverflow.com/questions/18134390/… –  mustaccio May 1 at 1:53
Dan,Angoc: It is giving error syntax error. As @mustaccio suggested EXPORT is not an SQL statement and as such cannot be issued using an SQL interface because of that i am getting the error.On more digging I come to know that Squirrel have a plug in called "SQL script plug in" which allows exporting the data to the file but now problem is I have installed the plug-in but still not able to see "save output as file":/. I am using squirrel client 3.1.2.I have refered to the below link:stackoverflow.com/questions/2314029/… –  User1123123 May 1 at 6:26

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