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I am trying to draw a combination of a scatterplot (2 overlaping series, one with an added trendline) and a barplot (a series at the same x values as for scatterplots but a different Y size -> using secondary vertical axis) in excel 2007. I came to a point where I have all scatterplots plotted correctly, using a secondary Y axis for the third series. However, when I try to change one series to barplots, excel just flips the horizontal axis for that series. The x values for the barplot series are not shown on the axis. They are reversed i.e. from right to left instead of in the same order as before and as for the scatterplots data. Consequently the bars are no longer positioned correctly above the x points. If I play around under layout, secondary horizontal axis it just messes things up even more, putting both y axes on the same side etc. Any ideas? Sorry I can't post images (a noob). I like the original chart in excel (using some additional formatting) that would make it difficult for me to do in R, that is why I haven't switched already. Thank you! Tanja

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Vertical or horizontal bars? Have a data sample? –  Jon Peltier Nov 30 '14 at 18:47

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