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I am struggling with a grouping linq query

I have this:

DateTime dateFrom = new Date(2014,8,2);
var GroupedPrices = Prices.Where(p => p.ArrivalDateFrom <= dateFrom
                    p.ArrivalDateTo > dateFrom)
                    .GroupBy(p => p.ItemID);

I am trying to get to a single price of each ID - eg. in/from each group, based on the newest ValidFrom date of that price. I have started by grouping them by their ItemID's (not the individual price record id's) but am struggling in working out how to grab just a single one based on that newest ValidFrom date. I thought I could order them before grouping, but wasn't sure that would stick after the grouping was done.. ie

expecting it will use a Max(x=>x.ValidFrom) type thing or OrderByDescending(x=>x.ValidFrom).First() but cant work that out

any help much appreciated


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are the ID's unique? If they are, grouping them doesn't do you much good –  Jonesopolis Apr 30 '14 at 16:17
they are not, this is the prices table for all the items, i'll call that item id to be clearer on that –  nat Apr 30 '14 at 16:18

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I think you just need to select what you want, at the end, like so:

DateTime dateFrom = new Date(2014,8,2);
var GroupedPrices = Prices
    .Where(p => p.ArrivalDateFrom <= dateFrom && p.ArrivalDateTo > dateFrom)
    .GroupBy(p => p.ItemID)
    .Select(g => new{ ItemId = g.Key, NewestPrice = g.OrderByDescending(p => p.ValidFrom).First() });
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thanks for the reply, but I get {"The method 'First' can only be used as a final query operation. Consider using the method 'FirstOrDefault' in this instance instead."} - I simply need the entire price object in each group that has the newest ValidFrom date –  nat Apr 30 '14 at 16:43
my bad that does work, by setting FirstOrDefault(). thanks very much –  nat Apr 30 '14 at 16:54

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