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I'm building a web app that has the same layout pattern used over and over, however some parts of the app are slightly different. Part of me feels I could wrap these all into the same directive but I'm not sure how to accomplish this.

The bulk of the app is just a table with an ng-repeat. Above the table is a date picker and some <select> elements used for filtering the results and requesting them from the server.

The differences between the pages are:

  • One table has 7 columns, the others have 8
  • One filter section has a search box
  • One filter section has two different <selects> the other has just one
  • All tables query different api endpoints
  • The headings of the tables are all completely different.

Part of me thinks I could rewrite these into one reusable piece of code, I'm just not sure how to go about doing it. Any helps is really appreciated!

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You can easily customize the template that a directive uses by using ng-include. See this plunk that I did for a previous answer. –  JoseM Apr 30 at 17:26
Yeah I know how to write directives that link to a template file. The question was I want to write one versatile directive that can handle a table with subtly varying amounts of columns and subtly varying <select> elements. The answer I'm looking for is more related to dynamically generating tables or using conditionals in directive templates I believe. –  Mike Fisher Apr 30 at 17:32

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