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I have two loops calculating something which hops out as output of some function. the point is to have three accessible kx before they are overwritten. how do i do that?


for j=1:10;
    for i=1:4;

for i=1:4;
    [kx d] = polyfit(tarzan(:,i), tarzan(:,i), 1); % until here it works just fine. 

    % and now i want to save jane from tarzan. there are many tarzans so every jane 
    % (that is, kx) must be saved in a different location. so how do i say "save 
    % kx in a double containing 4 values"?

    % i tried this but it doesnt work "out of bounds".

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Let Jane have as many sons as Tarzans to deal with them one by one? [kx(i,:) d] = polyfit(..) –  Divakar Apr 30 '14 at 17:20
thats 5 characters of code. i was wasting so much time on this oO. i cannot try it out right now but let me get back at you for this. –  Easyquestionsonly Apr 30 '14 at 21:21

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