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I'm trying to get the position of a window. So I can write a script to double click to that.Is there any ways to do this :D

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The question has autohotkey tag, so I assume it's about autohotkey, right? If yes, all you need is WinGetPos command, allowing you to get x,y coordinates of the upper left corner of the window.

WinGetPos [, X, Y, Width, Height, WinTitle, WinText, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText]

First four parameters are the names of variables, that will get info about the window. Last four parameters are standard for almost all autohotkey Win-commands, they identify the window.

Simple example:

SetTitleMatchMode 2             ; match window title in any place
IfWinExist, Notepad
    WinGetPos, Xpos, Ypos       ; Uses the window found above.

This will put the Notepad window position into Xpos, Ypos variables.
Then you can use those Xpos, Ypos variables with Click command to send the click.

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You might be better off getting a handle to the window and using SendMessage() (or whatever the equivalent is on whatever platform you're on) to send a double-click message.

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