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I own a VPS with which I host my site (http://romaniaz.net/) and I've a small issue.

Recently my entire VPS got corrupted and the host provided me with the full container backup.

I searched the entire StackOverflow and I was able to find the MySQL files (databases) are located in: /var/lib/mysql/.

Now, the problem is I located the folder in the backup and obviously copied the folder (which had the same name as the databases I had so I assume that's right).

Now that didn't work so I removed the entire mysql folder and added the old one. Now only information_scheme loads. How should I load the other databases too ?

I mention that there is no difference between the old and new VPS OS, I installed the mysql and apache the same way. The only difference is that I located the files that corrupted the VPS and no longer used them.

Could you put me up with a MySQL query or something to recheck for existing databases and load them ?

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