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I am using browserify to create standalone modules that I can use in node.js and client side in browser. I don't use browserify on the entire app, just a few single node modules.

I do browserify-shim to shim e.g. lodash under the global var _. This works very well except when using the modules inside webworkers.

The problem is:

When I shim lodash as _ the browserified code sets var _ = window._, but windows is not defined inside the web workers.

My setup

I use grunt to browserify, and have browserify-shim configured in my package.json

map.js: (commonJS module, used directly in node.js)

var _ = require('lodash-node');

module.exports = _.map;


// Browserify

    browserify: {
        'map': {
            options: {
                bundleOptions: {
                    standalone: 'MapModule'
            src: ['./map.js'],
            dest: './output/map-module.js'

grunt.registerTask('default', [


    "name": "APP NAME",
    "version": "0.0.0",
    "description": "",
    "main": "app.js",
    "browserify": {
        "transform": [
    "browserify-shim": {
        "lodash-node": "global:_"

The output

the generated output from browserify looks like this: https://gist.github.com/mikaelhm/859735472c9b0038770e

Note line 2: var _ = (window._);

Thats a problem in a Web Worker.

Am I doing it all wrong, or is it only supposed to work in normal browsing mode?

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