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In R shiny i have a inputSlider that is created with Render ui like:

  output$choose_StrikeRange <- renderUI({
     if(is.null(input$File2) || is.null(input$File1) || is.null(input$Product) ||           is.null(input$Desk) )
        data<- getCSV(input$Desk, input$Product, input$File1,"None")$csv
            MaxStrike<- max(data$Strike)
             sliderInput("StrikeRange", "Strike Range:",   min = MinStrike, max =       MaxStrike, value= c(quantile(data$Strike, .4),quantile(data$Strike, .6)))


Then the app initally loads the values of the slider are 75,90 then I change the input$File1 and since I use input$File1 a reactive call is made and I set a new set of values for the slider: c(quantile(data$Strike, .4),quantile(data$Strike, .6))

and those new values are 155, 265

So the slider seems to be working fine.

Now In another function to create a datatable and in this code below the strike range is 75,90 and not the 155, 265.

  output$VolData <- renderDataTable({
     updateSliderInput(session, "StrikeRange")
       data<-  MergeForMultipleTerms(input$Desk, input$Product, input$File1,         input$File2, c(input$StrikeRange[1],input$StrikeRange[2]) )

   }, options = list(bSortClasses = TRUE, iDisplayLength = 100 )) #end of render Data     Table

Any idea why the strike changes successfully to 155,265 but that change is not pickedup in the second function. I am printing these values out and it is clear that the strike range is 155, 165 and then in the second function it is clear that the values are still 75,90.

I would greatly appreciate your help.

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