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I am working on a Flex app that uses a StageTextInput which has editable set to false, but I want to manually show the blue border that always shows up when editable TextInputs are focused. I can't find this anywhere in the skin code.

Is it possible to do this in Flex?

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It's a 'state' that is made for selected editable boxes. I don't think there's a way to force it, you should write your own style for that. –  Andrey Popov Apr 30 at 20:28

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I found the code in SkinnableTextBase.as, under focusInHandler():

// the flag's old value.
var oldShowFocusIndicator:Boolean;

// Only editable text should have a focus ring.
if (enabled && editable && focusManager)
    oldShowFocusIndicator = focusManager.showFocusIndicator;
    focusManager.showFocusIndicator = true;

I needed to subclass TextInput (which is a subclass of SkinnableTextBase), and replace this with if (enabled && focusManager).

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