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I have a push button's event connected to a slot as shown below:

myButton = new QPushButton();
connect(myButton,SIGNAL(released()),this, SLOT(doStuff()));

When I run the program, if I right click on the button "Connect", this calls doStuff() function as expected.

However this slot is also get called when I press and release the space key. This is not desired as I want to connect another slot to space key pressed event. I don't believe I have any other signals connected to "doStuff". Am I missing something? Why does this happen?

Edit: I'd like some other slot to be called on space key released signal. How can I fix this? By removing the focus?

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Probably you have focus on that button and when you hit space it automatically emits release signal of the button? –  guneykayim Apr 30 at 19:58
Well, not probably, you've called setFocus() –  guneykayim Apr 30 at 19:59
@guneykayim Thanks. yes, there is focus, I thought it might be an important detail, that's why I included that in the code sample. But what if I don't want this behavior? should I just remove the focus from the button? –  Alex Apr 30 at 20:01

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You can basically remove setFocus() or you need to implement key pressed event. Take a look at these [1], [2] threads.

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