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I cannot get my welcome page (or finished page) to appear in an NSIS installer.

Other pages appear fine. I've even compiled and run WelcomeFinish.nsi with the same result.

I am running Windows 7 (64 bit)

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Did you do a full install of NSIS? Are you using MUI(1) or MUI2? –  Anders Apr 30 at 21:45
Yes it was a full install. I've tried both mui and mui2. I've also tried the latest 2.x and 3.x releases. –  Brad Bruce Apr 30 at 22:47
When I installed NSIS on a different computer (32 bit Windows 7), I noticed that even the NSIS welcome page doesn't show up on my main system. Now to track down that cause. (It could be McAfee, even though I've disabled it.) I'll post back with results. Suggestions are still appreciated. –  Brad Bruce May 1 at 12:13
Yes that sounds plausible, the Welcome and Finish pages are custom pages and use a plugin... –  Anders May 1 at 15:41
McAfee is blocking the plugin. I'm going to try putting my welcome message in as the license to see if that works. It would be nice if the modern UI were part of the base .EXE file. –  Brad Bruce May 1 at 15:46
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