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When calling axis.setExtremes() or axis.zoom(), the associated zoom button does not become highlighted.

For example, if I programatically 'zoom' to 1-hour, I would like the '1 hour' zoom button to appear as 'pressed'.

Is there a simple way to accomplish this?

For more context: I want to make my app stately, so that if you view a graph, zoom, then navigate away from the graph and back to it again, I want to restore your 'zoom level'.

I have this basically working by listening for afterSetExtremes and storing the max/min values, and then using those to call 'zoom' on the graph when the user returns.

If there is a simpler way to accomplish this, I'd be fine with that.

Thanks for any direction!

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Is this not what rangeSelector.selected is for? api.highcharts.com/highstock#rangeSelector –  paul Apr 30 at 20:44
Thanks, Paul. I see that I can set the 'selected' attribute of the rangeSelector. However, how do I know which button index I want? When I handle the afterSetExtremes event, I save the begin and end dates. Is there a button index or button text or something that I can save as well, so that I know which button should be selected? Or do I have to calculate the difference between the begin and end date and go from there? –  Zack May 1 at 11:07
rangeSelector.selected is read/write, so on your page exit event you could just make a note of whichever button was 'pressed' and then 'press' it again when your user comes back –  paul May 1 at 11:15
Thanks, Paul. In the afterSetExtremes handler, every handle I can get to the chart object still has the previously selected button in the rangeSelector.selected property. Do you know how I can get the newly selected button index off of some event related to the button push? I can't just do this on page exit, because we have a nested structure of iFrames and it is a bit more complicated. –  Zack May 1 at 12:17
Looking at highStock.src.js, rangeSelector.setSelected() is called immediately after setExtremes() - you could try reversing the order of these two statements. They appear lines 20774 to 20784 in Highstock v2.0.1 –  paul May 1 at 12:40

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You can also call setState on the button.


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