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I want to allow my system to be configurable. So, I need to have a file where I have some data about the servers IPs, access passwords, keys, and other thinks. What's the best way to do this? I'm working with JBoss AS7

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Its not clear to me what you are wanting to configure. –  developerwjk Apr 30 at 21:12
I just want to have a file, with info about passwords to access database and other thinks, so that they won't be written on code, and so that I can change my database password (for example) without changing the code. So, if my servlet want's to access to my database, I just need to read the file and get all the data I need to access the database. –  Luis Alves Apr 30 at 21:15
You could do it a billion different ways, but you'd want to put the file under WEB-INF where users can't download it. –  developerwjk Apr 30 at 21:18
Ok, I'm reading about a .properties file. Do you know how can I work with it? –  Luis Alves Apr 30 at 21:19
Also, how can I access this file from my servlet? –  Luis Alves Apr 30 at 21:21

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