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I am on a Windows 8 machine. I use Git Bash when doing source control. I use Cygwin to ssh into my server.

I have a sensitive file (private key in fact), which I want to have rwx-rwx---- permissions.

When running ls -l from the Cygwin command line, the permissions for this particular file are rwx-rwx----. This is exactly what I want, good.

However, when I run ls -l from Git Bash, it says the permissions are rw--r---r--. This is not what I want. I even tried doing a chmod from Git Bash on this file, and it didn't change anything.

I am assuming the permissions are just incorrect when viewing them from Git Bash. The file just doesn't have the permissions Git Bash thinks it has. However, I am worried that Git Bash could be correct. If this is the case, this is bad.

Is Git Bash just wrong? Or what? I am concerned because I don't want this file to be world readable.

In the event that Git Bash is simply displaying the permissions wrong, why is that? I know it isn't necessarily a big deal, but I am curious as to why it would distort this files permissions.

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When you say git bash is this a Cygwin version of git, or a windows version? –  Al G May 1 at 19:25

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