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Background :

Im looking to create JSF 2 and JPA 2 Dynamic Web Project using Eclipse. I have been following a tutorial of JPA 2 Integration and have achieved thee following :

Created a Dynamic Web Project using Eclipse wit Facets - JSF 2 AND JPA 2 selected - attaching all the neccessary JSF 2 Libraries and the following JPA configuration :-

Downloaded EclipseLink 1.2.0 and added (eclipselink.jar and javax.persistence_1.1.0.jar) to classpath.

Downloaded Derby Database and configured it to use with my Eclipse. My Derby Database connection is working correctly with Eclipse as I have recieved a successful Ping. The Derby connection details are : url : jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/sampleJPA;create=true name : user password : pass

My folder Java Resources/src/META-INF/persistence.xml is blank as generated, and this is as far as I have got to.

Problem :

The problem is the tutorial I am following and the only examples I can find, is JPA configuration and setup of Java Project - which is not the Dynamic JSF 2 and JPA 2 configuration and setup I require.

Also, I have been following other examples where I have seen Hibernate Library - with around 14 or so .jar configuration files been added in configuration setup for Object Relational Mapping.

Question :

In order to copmplete my JSF 2 and JPA 2 dynamic web project setup - what files do I need to change, add to complete this goal ?

Is it neccessary to add other Hibernate libraries ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The main issue here is you understood concept of different layer integration wrong. JPA is data layer specification with some persistence provide like EclipseLink and JSF is view framework. So, there should be some service layer like EJB/CDI or CDI/Restful or…. Or if you are familiar with Maven you can directly search for spring-jsf-jpa-archetype. – SRy May 1 '14 at 13:46
Thanks for that tutorial link - I found it quite helpfull. Mark – Mark May 7 '14 at 17:41

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