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I am using jersey to create a web server

my project directory has the following mapping

     |.. src/main/java
       |.. folder1
         |.. restEndpoint1.java , restendpoint2.java etc 

an example of how restEndpoint1.java looks is

public class DoStuff {

public Response validation(String inputXML){

so an example of my url when deployed to tomcat is


my web.xml is



Now I have to deploy this war as different contexts using the Context path in the tomcat web UI ( I am using Tomcat 7)

ie I would like the url's to be



I know that each context will have all the rest endpoints exposed to them but I dnt care about that , I just need to map it this way . The problem I am facing is

1) in the web.xml I need to give a folder name as the param so that becomes a root , but with this context requirement I cannot do it . Also I cannot map to each java class independently ( can I??)

2) In the tomcat UI how do I deploy my app using different contexts , I can only upload war or give the context and using a URL of the war on a server

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Solved by changing the mapping in the web.xml



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